My personal IntelliJ top features

I have been using Eclipse more or less heavily for the past 10 years now.
For my last project I decided to give IntelliJ a spin. And as it turned out, I like it! IntelliJ does many things a little bit better than Eclipse.
This list should highlight those ‚little things‘:

  1. Maven Integration
    • Maven Integration works smoothly, unmatched by Eclipse
    • Maven is mostly hidden from you
    • If you have to use maven, there is comfortable tools support
  2. Jump to test
    • Quickly see related tests for a class
    • Nice companion for tdd
  3. Find resource
    • Nice in Eclipse, this really feels like Spotlight/Alfred on Mac
  4. Live templates
    • Quickly generate boilerplate code
    • More poweful than Eclipse
    • Extensible
  5. Code Completion everywhere
    • Even in the debugger view!
  6. Facelets editor Smooth code-completion based on taglibs
  7. Spring editor: Show resolved property from config
  8. Team city integration: Pre Tested commits/Run test locally
    • Keeps your repository clean
    • Less broken builds
    • The option is quite hiddem
  9. Subversion: Show Outdated version while editing
    • Quickly see you might want to update this file
  10. Analyze
    • Quickly do a static analysis of your code
    • Built in
  11. Handy shortcuts to extract an expression to a variable/method, or class
  12. Variable name guessing mostly works
    • If you assign a method to a variable for example
  13. Bind constructor parameters to fields
    • And create getters/setters on the fly
  14. IDE Chat: Quickly send code pointers to your team mate
    • Based on jabber
    • Worked out-of-th box, no need for a jabber server
  15. SQL Editor: Run SQL to:
    • Surprisingly good
    • Tools like SQLDeveloper are needed only occasionally
  16. Code folding using anonymous classes
    • Almost feels like closures (#prejdk8)
  17. Encoding Support: – Properties (native to ascii)
    • no \u…
    • Notices you if the encoding of your file is wromg
    • Helpful info in the statusbar (a little small though)
  18. Deployment
    • Run script beforehand or after deployment
    • Possible to manually tweak artifacts
  19. Server Support
    • Set PATH variables
  20. Structural Select (Ctrl-w)
    • Do complex search and replaces
  21. Fun!!
    • Yes experimenting with IntelliJ was fun
    • Less cursing than eclipse
  22. Add Missing Switch Branches
    • When using enums
  23. Very good diff tool
  24. Fast svn updates via patches
  25. Fullscreen Support
  26. Darcula Theme
    • I like it, some don’t
  27. AspectJ Support
    • Show active aspects of a method, or related methods to an aspect
  28. JPA Support
    • JPA console (Send JPA queries, to the DB)
    • See connection of JPA class to DB table (complains, if theres is none)
  29. XML Editor
    • Very good XPath support (Show XPath of this node, apply XPath on document)
    • XML Refactoring
  30. Refactoring Support für POMs
    • Looks for changes in other pom-files
  31. Emmet Support

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