Devoxx 2013 Recap


Finally I managed to visit Devoxx. I had a great time, attended many good talks and as usual few not so good ones.

The most prominent topic was the upcoming JDK 8. Its most visible feature will be the advent of lambda-expressions. Which will have a deep impact on developers. Especially the collections-api feels whole new.

Second thing people talked about was, well, Javascript!  I kinda like Javascript, most devs don’t. But the things people do with node.js and friends seem to impress java folks. Angular.js and single-page applications (spa) was,  I guess,  the second most talked about topic on this conference. Google did do some pushing here and there. All in all there seem to be some resentiments against  spas. But all talks about spas I went to were packed, so there must be something fascinating about them. I would predict we will see a slight paradigm shift towards this architectural style.

The term reactive and the reactive manifesto was cited quite often and it fits into the aforementioned schemes. Though I was looking into the functional world recently, I didn’t quite grok the talk(s) about reactivity. Perhaps those were only bad sessions, but  I guess I have to get up to speed in this area.
Java EE 7 is here, but compared to JDK 8 it feels like a maintenance release.

Much talking about android, which I didn’t care about.

RaspberryPis everywhere! There seems to be quite some hype around those small thingys. Devs attach them to virtually everything. Duct taping them to drones, is the thing. I bought one, let’s see what happens ;)

There were some Spring talks, but compared to Java EE it seems rather irrelevant.

There wasn’t so much buzz around alternative JVM languages. It seemed like an accepted fact, that they have their place in the ecosystem, nothing too fancy about them any more. Use them if you like, nobody will get hurt.

I’d like to close this article with my personal top-five sessions:

Top 5 Sessions

  1. Autumn Collections
  2. Bleeding Edge
  3. Angular Workshop
  4. Projekt Lombok
  5. Groovy


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