Achievement Unlocked: EclipseCon Speaker

So it’s finally done!
I gave a talk about Eclipse RCP in our Form-based application last Friday (04-11-2011): Tickling the shoulders of giants.
I was awfully nervous, but after all it was a great experience and everything went pretty well.
Considering the time of the talk (Last day of the conference, right after lunch), there were quite some attendees. Though the 30-40 people appeared rather lost to me in this quite large venue (130+ seats). ;)

I cannot remember that much of the actual talk, it kinda just happenend in a trance-like state.
I finished it a 1 or 2 minutes ealier than estimated, I wonder what I’ve forgotten to say ;).
Some quick questions answered and it was done.
The people I talked to afterwards seem to have liked it.

The slides are available via slideshare.

You can download them here aswell.
The slides and my talking were recorded and I’m really looking forward to see this recording.


The recording can be viewed here:

Looking forward to the next talk.

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