My impressions of the iPad … continued!

I always wanted to write a follow-up to my initial thoughts on the iPad. Now with the arrival of the second wave of the iPads, it’s just about time to finally do so:

I love it, some don’t!

By now I absolutely love the iPad. As I guessed, it serves as a convenient device resting on the couch table. Brilliant for a quick Google Search, a lookup for the train schedule, a game or simply the weather. Admittingly you do not NEED that, but by now I would miss that kind of convenience.
Many people argue (some even very emotionally), that I could use a laptop for that as well.
I could. But the iPad does not boot and for simple tasks it’s way faster. But if you don’t want to use the iPad, don’t use it and noone gets hurt.

But there are some drawbacks still:


I occasionally miss Flash. Not for the random Flash-Rubbish. If some web-guy doesn’t know  HTML5, then (90% of the time) I do not really need that page.
No, I miss the Myspace and Facebook Audio-Players. I still love to see something comparable to the youtube-app.

No tethering

By now I still cannot tether with my iPhone. iOS 4.3 might be the solution. But since I only own a 3GS, I might be unlucky.


Now with the advent of the iPad2, I keep asking myself, if I should get it right away ;) But though I couldn’t get my hands on one by now, I suppose I won’t buy one. It definitely looks sexy, the covers are brilliant and speed is always nice. But all in all it doesn’t outshine my device. More memory would have been nice. Perhaps I’ll change my mind when I see one ;)


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