Eclipse RCP: What to do when things don’t work on your colleague’s machine

I have compiled a list of potential pitfalls, that one might step in when executing code on another system:

  • Check your IDs
  • Check them again
  • Does your product contain all nessesary Plugins/Features
  • Does your run-configuration (the one generated by selecting Run on your product) contain all your plugins? Did you press Add required plugins
  • If you use features, check them! Are all plugins present?
  • Help system: If your help system does not show: Double check that the Plugin-Editor did not swallow your context definitions. They are often gone if I simply open the editor. Topics do not disappear…
  • Check if all help system dependencies are present in your run-configuration. Start by adding all *help*-plugins, continue with *jetty* and *servlet*. Then press Add required plugins. That should do the trick.
  • If you know of any other helpful tricks, please let me know!

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